The Magpie

A fearless scavenging bird, unlike by most !

Photo: 'Under a Bird Feeder' '© Down the Lane

The Magpie could be seen as 'the Hoodie' of birds most visiting our Gardens, they even sound roudy with their loud scary 'chack shreaks'!

Being quite fearless, I've seen them chase my two Cats off the grass before, which I have to say I found rather amusing, kind of put's the moggies down to size a bit!

They are scavengers supreme. Beside their natural diet of worms, insects and small insects, they will gladly do daylight raids in Bins and steal other Bird treats put out by us caring humans.

Their nests are a lot more technically built than many birds, they comprise of twigs held together by mud and other greenery, a kind of grand designs of the flight world.

Magpies appear to have no fear of becoming extinct, their numbers have grown dramatically over the years, a sign of their ability to adapt to almost all environmental changes.

In fact, the poor old Magpie has long been the most disliked bird of all. Folklore has deemed seeing one as bringing bad luck.

If Magpies had fingers, I think they would stick one up to Housing Developers and other human destroyers of nature's habitats.

Good luck to them, you can't help but admire their continued success.



Their scavenging knows no bounds..

Magpie eating pork scrap

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