Mistle Thrushes in the Garden

A beautiful bird but a worrying future

Mistle Thrush
Photo: © Down the Lane

The Mistle Thrush is often mistaken for the Song Thrush, but there are subtle differences which will determine it's identification..

The 'diamond' shaped breast decoration is more spotty in the Mistle Thrush, it has a slightly blotchy appearance higher up toward the head on both sides

It is slightly larger than the Song Thrush and tend to stand slightly taller, more vertically.

Diet wise they are pretty versatile; Invertebrates, fruit, Berries (especially Mistletoe) and Worms all within their menu.

Mistle Thrush at Sunset

I'm afraid that it is, along with the Song Thrush, on a population decline in this Country, the reasons not yet being fully known. Change of habitat and climate change could be a factor as some migrate and others don't.


Boldly upright and very attentive to what's going on around and about..

Mistle Thrush showing upward stance

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