Nuthatches in the Garden

An unobtrusive little bird occasionally seen on a Feeder

Nuthatch on Bird Feeder
Photo: "While the Tits are away..........!!" © Down the Lane

Nuthatches are cute pretty little birds similar to Tits but slightly rounder.

Most of the time they will stay in woodland only venturing out into Gardens occasionally, in the 15 years I've been here I've only spotted them three or four times. There again, I don't spend all my time looking out the window! I was lucky enough to have my camera handy when the above visitor arrived.

They are very territorial birds but seldom go more than 1km away from the nest. They reside in very flimsy nests made up of the minimum amount of small twigs and tree bark.

A little like the Robin, they are quite aggressive to other birds and whilst they're on the feeder, they will stay as long as they wish to.

Although rarely seen in Gardens, they are on the RSPB Green List so not in danger of extinction. To see them more you need to visit Woodland and Forests. You'll know they are there by their loud squawky type bursts.




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