Pigeons in the Garden

One of our most common birds, to many Gardener, a nuisance

Pigeon in flight

People marvel at the capabilities and heroics of the Pigeon. In WW1 and WW2 they were of great value to the Forces as message carriers. In WW1 one Pigeon 'Cher Ami' was awarded France's highest honour, the 'Croix de Guerre' when, although being shot, it carried on through Chemical Gas on to deliver an important message leading to the saving of thousands of life's.

Then of course Pigeons are used as Sport. The Homing Pigeon hobby is widespread throughout the World and once again shows the versatility of this Bird. One Racing Pigeon sold for £100,000 in the USA !

Regrettably, due mainly to poor control, the Pigeon population, especially in Towns and Cities has grown out of all proportion and with these Birds breeding up to eight times a year, it's difficult to see how this can be resolved. It's not healthy for us, neither for the Pigeons themselves.

Collared Dove
'Collared Dove'

Pigeon Poo is a very effective manure and was used as the sole fertilizer some 300 / 400 years ago. Today, it's a nuisance and the problem of hygiene is down to where they are doing it - the answer there of course is anywhere!

So, like them or not, they are a wild bird, to many a Gardener a nuisance but to many they are something to enjoy feeding, especially Trafalgar Square!

The best way to control them is similar to a Rat, give them as little opportunity to feed. But if we are feeding our more friendly garden birds, you're sure to get a few of these around !!


One Pigeon happily having a Siesta on my Chimney Pot.
What happens though is they tend to fall down the Chimney and I have great amusement trying to catch them around the Kitchen before the Cat does!

The most common comment I get about this is they make a good Pie !

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