The Robin

A friend of the Garden who watches our every move

Adult Robin
Photo: ''What's he up to' © Down the Lane

There are very few birds which have the character and the folklore the Robin has.

The Robin is a member of the Thrush family.

Robins sum up Christmas Cards, they sum up snow and it seems that whatever you are doing in your Garden, a Robin will be somewhere close watching with interest and waiting to fly down to where you've been to see if anything good has turned up.
It's almost like an inspection.

It's strange how we often suppose it's the same Robin we see, we even name him or her, yet watch a while and there can be up to four or five about at the same time. One should say though..this usually ends up with a punch up!

Although they are approachable and friendly to humans they are fairly dominant with other birds, they like their space and will soon see off any other birds, well same size or a bit smaller that is!

Continually voted Britain's favourite bird is strange to many other's; European Robins are not known to be as friendly toward humans as here and attempts to breed and raise them in the USA and Australia have failed. It seems us Brit's have pride and place in the Robin World!
It kind of sums up Culture's; the Americans have the big brave Eagle as their national bird - we have the Robin!

They will breed up to three or four times a year, their natural foods are Spiders, other Insects and Worms. Of man made treats they are partial to sweet cakes, especially with fruit in.

Young Robin on twig
Photo 'A youngster' © Down the Lane

Robins are shorter living birds, about two years. Happily numbers have increased and since 1970, the population has increased by 40%. Their main dangers are very cold Winters. Special feeding attention should be given to them during this time. Like most bird, they enjoy most Kitchen Scraps, especially the cake!

They make their nests from grass and dry Moss in Walls and tree stumps etc. Special Bird Houses can be purchased.


Even at a young age, they're nosey!

Young Robin

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