The Tit Family

The birds everyone wants to attract and feed

Blue Tit
Photo: ''Waiting for a space on the feeder' A BlueTit © Down the Lane

The Great Tit
The Great Tit © Down the Lane

Long Tailed Tit
The Long Tailed Tit © Down the Lane

Coal Tit
The Coal Tit © Down the Lane

There are seven varieties of Tits in the UK., but most frequent visitors to our Gardens are the Great Tit, Blue Tit and Coal Tit.

They are fairly social birds toward each other. If you have a hanging Feeder it is not unusual to see several sharing the spoils. The only territorial side of them is their nesting.

All are very agile birds and can get into all sorts of positions in all sorts of places, especially those where they may find their natural diet of aphids, insects and beetles etc. Saying that, they come into their own if there's a Feeder about and will gladly spend ages clinging on to the sides for a piece of Fat Ball or scoff away at any Peanuts.

All more Garden variety Tits will live in small crevices or anywhere reachable by a hole, so Walls, trees or man made Nest Boxes.

Nest Boxes can either be purchased or for the normal DIY person, a fairly simple job using a few bits of wood and a hammer !
Nest boxes should be put on a wall between 2 and 4 meters from the ground and facing a North or North East direction.

Video of Great Tits feeding



A Blue Tit patiently waiting for me to move and allowing him back to the 'secret' Nest for the night under the tiles on the house wall.. ..

Tit clinging on to house wall

Tits are partial to Suet Cakes!

Great Tit eating Suet Cake

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