The Willow Warbler

A beautiful little bird with a distinctive song

Willow Warbler
Photo: © Down the Lane

At first sight the Willow Warbler can look much like many other birds.

Upon closer inspection (if you get a chance) you will see their breasts are a slightly tinged yellow colour and have a darker 'mask' around their eyes.

Another way to tell them apart is their song. If you're out and about hearing the usual Tits, Sparrows and Robins, you will be drawn by their song, slightly similar to a Chaffinch, usually a high pitched start with longer after tones.

Living on small Insects, Spiders, Fruit and Berries they will be seen more amongst Hedgerow, small bushes. Their activity through these are similar to a Wren.

They nest fairly low to the ground in large dome like structures.

Willow Warblers are on the RSPB Amber Status, numbers having decreased over the past 20 or so years. It would be agreat shame let alone disaster to lose these wonderful birds to our Gardens and Countryside so every effort must be made to ensure they have ample Hedgerow and feeding places to visit.



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