Wrens in the Garden

A small busy Bird and hard to keep up with

Wren sitting on Flowers
Photo: '© Down the Lane

For such a very small bird, they have very loud calls, especially if they think a Predator such as a Cat is about. Their warning sound is short sharp chirps which will last for way after any danger has past.

They mainly nest in Woodland and are often seen fleeting about amongst hedgerow and bushes. They are a pretty shy bird and will invarably fly of if you approach.

You can see from the photo that although very small, they have long powerful legs.

Wren resting next to Stream

Like most birds they are a Gardener's friend eating Spiders and other insects. I've never seen them eating scraps or bird food we put out but I'm sure there';s an exception to the rule.

The biggest dangers to them are in long very cold Winters and many are lost. However this is offset in Spring when they produce many youngsters. Being they nest more in Woodland and away from Houses, babies can make the occasional fall on to the ground without being caught by a domestic Cat.



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