Birds in the Garden

Nature's gift of visitors to our Gardens

Garden birds

The more to get to know the habits of birds visting you Gardens, the more you understand about the chain of nature and that just about every creature has a purpose. Birds are no exception.

Most Birds live off the land quite efficiently and if allowed to do so will rid many bugs and plant killing insects for us. If you took out the Flies, the Slugs and more with Pellet's and other poisons, you are denying birds of their food - numbers will drop, as many have - and many will if we don't do something about it..

You will probably see the index of Birds on the left and wonder why I haven't included say the Wagtail, Martins and other common species.
The reason is......I haven't found them to take p[hotogrpahs of yet. Give me a while and they'll be there!

The thieving of brown and greenfield lands to build new Housing Estates, Business Parks, larger fields being created by pulling down hedgerow and woodland, Insecticides used at home and in farming; these are all things which are a threat to our Countrysdie and nature.

But it doesn't matter if you live in a City, Town or Village, looking after our friendly visitors is a must and we must all do our utmost to stop the decline in many species and bring back the magic of the typical English Garden (and the rest of the UK as well of course!)

Not all are welcome
Indoors that is!

pigeon in kitchen

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