Garden Bugs - Friend or foe?

Using wildlife creatures to form an eco system in your Garden

Left alone, almost all Garden Bugs will assist your Vegetable or Flower Garden. If they are encouraged, maybe by selection, your Garden will benefit even more.

This in turn can reduce the needs for Sprays, Pellets or other poisons to rid any Blight or Infestation.

A good eco system is after all, based on the law of the jungle, the old song again comes to mind, "I know an old lady who swallowed a Spider. Why did she swallow it - to catch the fly"!

Here's just four of what some may call creepy crawlies which do a lot of work for you...natures work!



If you have Blackfly, encourage Ladybirds to your Garden and they will clear them out for you in a matter of a few hours or day!
In fact, you can even buy them on the Internet now!

To encourage them, provide Shelter and hibernation spots.
Lacewings will carry out a very similar role for you.

Spiders for garden growth


Spiders are very much the Gardeners Friend, the more you have the better.

The only problem we have is they will eat almost anything, so should a Honey Bee or Butterfly get entangled in the web, they are gone.

Overall though, they will rid far more foes than friends.

Hoverfly for pollenating

Hover Flies

They do not sting and will do a wonderful job of pollinating your Plants and Flowers.

They will lay their eggs in amongst Aphids. When the young hatch, they will then consume up to 400 Aphids each.

A great addition to your Garden.

Ground Beetle

Ground Beetles

Another welcome Pest Controller, the Ground Beetle will thrive on leather jackets and the odd small slug.

The way to ensure you have some is giving them somewhere to hide through the daytime. Small Ground Cover plants or just a few planks of wood will suffice

By Anders Sandberg from Oxford, UK (Ground beetle Uploaded by Jacopo Werther) [CC BY 2.0 (]

The strongest advice to make a friendly Wildlife Garden is not to use any Sprays or other Bug Killers at all

Put together Bugs, Frogs / Toads , Hedgehogs, Bees / Wasps , Butterflies and Birds and you have a haven for attracting the most beautiful creatures possible.

As our slogan says....'It's not just what we can do for Wildlife, it's what Wildlife can do for us'


Build a Bug House

Bug House for Gardens

Something all the family can join in! Not only a Summer Home but a Winter hibernation Station.
See Building a Bug House

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