Ready made Hedgehog Houses you can purchase

A variety of types and designs to suit everyone

Hogitat Hedgehog House
Photo: Vicky Siou, Southampton

The simplest and amongst the cheapest of Hedgehog Houses is the Hogitat type.

These are not only waterproof but well designed to blend in with their surroundings.

Simply find a good position in a hedgerow and pin them down using tent pegs or similar. You can add extra incentives around the outside such as leaf, ageing tree bark, logs and twigs. The more secure a Hedgehog feels the better.

Other types include plastic and quite attractive log designs but again we stress that it's not so much the house itself, it's where you put it. The tendancy is to have them on show and that's not what our spikey friends want. Like us, they enjoy their privacy whether it be an Oasis in the Summer or a permanent winter place to have their babies after hibernation in Spring.

Hogitat Hedgehog House amongst bushes
Photo: Down the Lane



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