Build a Hedgehog House with extra room

A larger house with entrance hallway and cozy main room

Large DIY Hedgehog House hidden in bushes
Photo: Down the Lane

This Hedgehog House is larger than the simple one but rather than a tunnel entrance it has a covered 5" square entrance and a 'hallway' leading through to the main 12" square compartment.

For the roof in this one I've used an old worktop sawn to size and sloped it downwards at the back for rain etc.

Again, should it appear Hedgehogs are looking for a winter home I shall make double sure about keeping it waterproof by laying a tarpaulin over the top and surrounding it with piled up leaf.

Leading up to the entrance I put dry grass down thus ensuring they have a nice carpeted entrance making it all a bit more appealing to their feet.

The entrance hall is 12" x 6" and the inner door 6" wide by 5" high.

This I'm sure will give them extra comfort and shield any strong winds a lot better.

Interior of Hedgehog House with 2 compartments
Photo: Down the Lane



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