Wasps in the Garden

Are they of use to us or just a nuisance?

Wasp pollinating
Photo: © Down the Lane

Yes, wasps sting, they can nest in your Loft, under the eaves and in garden borders, but....

Some facts about the Wasp..

They do not swarm like Bees
Only Female Wasps sting, males do not have a stinger
Wasps can travel up to a quarter of a mile in search of food
Wasps Nests can house up to 10,000 !!
If you swat a Wasp, it releases a smell which will attract more to you
Like Bee's they are very good pollinators for your Garden
They will eat Insects and other bugs which can kill your Flowers and Vegetables
Some Farmer's encourage Wasps to reduce pest population
There are approximately 250 species in the UK (100,000 in the World!!)
Wasps nests are made from chewed wood and their own saliva
They do not usually die after they sting you, they 'stab' and as long as it isn't hooked up, they retract it for future use.

So the next time you succesfully swat one and think you've done well, bear in mind the above, you're just attracting more of them to come along to find out what's happened!

All in all one has to ask oneself 'what have they done to me?'. I would imagine for most of us to be stung by one is quite rare, it's usually only if you disturb them or get in the way, they will.

For most Gardener's, if we can lose the fear of them, we can live alongside them in the knowledge they are extremely beneficial to us. If however, you have a nest anywhere inside the House, best call someone who knows what they're doing, or else..........!!!


Hoverflies are often mistaken for a Wasp.
Plus - they don't sting..


Squirrel, Squirrel,
Shake your bushy tail.
Squirrel, Squirrel,
Shake your bushy tail.
Wrinkle up your little nose,
And hold a nut between your toes.
Squirrel, Squirrel,
Shake your bushy tail.

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