'Down the Lane 2015 - Let's focus in on Garden Wildlife'

What we can do for wildlife and wildlife can do for us

This is a Project / Feature / Challenge, call it what you will, for Down the Lane Web Site Visitors, Forum Members and Facebook Group Members to collectively raise the awareness for attention to our Garden Wildlife.
Also for sharing ideas and giving advice to how we can encourage more Wildlife into our Gardens plus reap the benefits from a more eco-system method.

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It's not just a nice idea, by bringing more wildlife in we are also benefiting from it. Nature runs on two main things 1. Survival of the fittest and 2. the 'Law of the Jungle'.
By taking these two things we can build a system which will not only help to save and increase various creatures but will give us less need to tender to our Gardens, not use Sprays. In other words 'Ultimate Organic'.

Why is it so urgent?

One fifth of British Bird species are now on the RSPB Red Alert list, they are in serious danger of extinction

After 15 million years of growth, since 1950, the Hedgehog population has gone from 36 million to just 1 million (and that was in 2012)

Invertibrates - numbers are also down due to chemical farming and gardening Pesticides and non-organic fertilizers etc. Invertibrates are probably the most important things on our Planet. Without them nothing would survive.
The crazy thing is that if the correct bugs are introduced, they can more or less clear your garden of Aphids at a stroke. Throw away the Pesticides!

Virtually all wildlife visitors to our Gardens have a purpose.

So let's get together and see if we can make a difference by sharing our experiences, experiments either on the Forum or the Facebook Group. With lot's of pictures of course!

Beside different Projects I will be having a number of Raffles with relevant prizes.

I've written about 60 pages about various wildlife visitors and been busy building a few homes for our friends, I'm no expert, so please share your knowledge and ideas.

Links to the Categories and Pages are in the left hand sidebar

Let's make the neighbours talk about you up to various things in your back garden. Word gets round and hopefully, we will have made a difference!


Garden Wildlife

looking forward to

Bi monthly Raffles with revelant Prizes (not big - can't afford it!!) to seasonal trends

Occasional Photo Competitions, not techy, just theme - entered by you, voted by you (facebook and Forum Members only)

A good time to build Winter Homes for Hedgehogs, Frogs, Toads and Bugs! (if you haven't got kids around - do it yourself!!)

Garden Wildlife Diaries in Forum. Note and record how you are doing to encourage more, or new, Wildlife ito your Garden

The odd count of certain creatures. Where are they most located....and why!

Swap thoughts, ideas and knowledge, especially on how your Wildlife is benefitting you and your Garden








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