Get income from adverts on your Car

Do as London Taxis do and get paid to drive your Car

A fairly recent advertising concept is for Companies to pay people to have advertisements on the sides of their Cars.

Usually the criteria is that it has to be a decent Car and you have your vehicle fully taxed and insured of course and you agree to the terms and conditions of Contract, often a Contract will involve two or three years in which time you may have the advertisement changed a number of times

Putting the adverts on the side of your car doesn't involve re-spraying ot any modifications as such, it is usually done with Stickers.

Obviously this is more attractive to Companies who wish to advertise in more densley populated areas, so you may find the Town you live in does not match the requirements, but worth a try.

If you should follow this through, check with your Insurance Company that it won't affect any of their Conditions of Contract and needless to say, this form of business is visual, so declaring any money earnt is a must!

And on Bicycles as well!

The real diverse amongst us enjoy a challenge and if you don't mind being looked at when you go shopping, try out Local Business's to see if they would like you to put advertising on your Bicycle!

The illustration shows another form of Bike advertising but this brings about the extra cost of a Trailer! I would suggest a custom built board below the crossbar and between the frame plus maybe a square sign put vertically at the rear of the Bike.

Some ideas may strike you as being a bit desperate and strange, but why not! If things are getting tight financially, every avenue is worth exploring and in the latter case of the Bike, who knows, it could become a Business and you find yourself employing people and just sitting at home taking the orders over the Phone !

You could be sitting on upwards of £200 per month!

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