Getting Chickens back into their Coop

90% of the time this works (all too often there's one.....!!)

Let's face it, you let your Chickens run round and scrape for a few hours in the Garden, it's only natural for them to want to stay a little while longer.

Most will find their own way back, but there's usually a straggler or two and it can become a mountainess task to get them! Then you're not sure if they're all in, have to count them.

Here's a Video of my method..

Now I'd be a fool to say this always works, most people at some time have a Chicken with attitude, luckily though, this has worked for my last few sets of Hens.

So the system is as follows.

Get them and yourself into a routine, feed them their Corn and what have you in the mornings from a Pan or other Utensil, then in the afternoon give them their treats of cooked vegetables etc. in another Pan.

Use the same two pans every day and when doing the afternoon run, tap the Pan on the side, they will then get used to that sound.

After a few days or so, it's amazing! As soon as they hear it they're on your tail and back in their Coop.

If this can't be done then try the shepherding method, walk behind them, put your right arm out straight for them to turn left and vice versa. Some will take to this, others won't and the hardest part of it all is when you get to the Hen House Gate and try to push them in without either the Hen running off back down the Garden again or one that's in there escaping - once they're out they expect at least two hours!!

Last of all of course, only let your Chickens in the Garden when you can keep an eye on them, Mr. Fox doesn't only come out at night.

Man, Cat, Chicken
Patience is man's best virtue !!!


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