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Putting into practice green and more eco-friendly ideas

The big question in being environmentally and eco friendly is can we be both frugal and green?

I believe we can in almost all things. Those who have either downshifted or seeked a more back to basics lifestyle soon realize that the best things in life are often free, or those which cost less are just as reliable and do the job like their more expensive counterparts

It is when you start looking at your annual expenditure that you find that many of the things you need to cut down on are actually environmentally non friendly and often not needed at all.

A fine example of this is recycling; it's frugal, green and giving us sustainability.

Living the simpler life is just that, it's taking away the unwanted decorations of lifestyle and finding a happy medium or a comfortable level within our means.
The problem with the word 'green' is that it's become something the consumer sees as 'more expensive. In some cases this is true, you put the word 'organic' or 'green' in front of a retail item and bung an extra £1 on it!

It has also been associated with the 'complete green', examples being on those self build houses with sustainable this and sustainable that and costing a couple of hundred grand in the process.

We have to find our green comfort zone within our own budget and do all we can do to leave a legacy behind us when we've gone that not all of us living in the late 20th and early 20th. Century took a couple of thousand years off the life of this Planet (soap box stuff!!).

There's a lot said about global warming; some say there is, some say it's just natural evolution, but do we want to take a chance on the latter being correct? Can we foolishly say "well I won't be around to find out"?
If we have a year old Grandchild, he or she will still be around in 2070, maybe beyond,what do they have to look forward to? Lot's I hope!

These new pages are really quite basic, they look at the more obvious things, but some which we may have overlooked as well. Some things take time to change and others can be simply a change of brand down at the shops or rethinking how we are travelling from A to B etc.

Green Living Articles

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In the Garden - Loft and Roof space

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Green Living Articles
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The packaging for a microwavable 'microwave dinner' is programmed for a shelf life of maybe six months, a cook time of two minutes and a landfill dead-time of centuries.
David Wann, Buzzworm, Nov 1990


We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us.  When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.  ~Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

Getting outdoors is for all generations, sadly missed for years!

Protecting the environment and all who live in it.

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