House and Pet Sitting for extra money

A different kind of job. Looking after people's houses and pets

There are a number of reasons that people like someone House Sitting when they're away on Holiday or Business trips etc;


Simply someone around to sidetrack unwanted visitors


Keeping the dust off, watching the garden and someone being there should some emergency happen such a plumbing / electrical problem after a Storm or whatever


This is often the key thing. Lot's of people don't like leaving their animals or birds in Kennels. They rather their pets stay in their own evironment and enjoy their space.
The only problem in getting such work of course your credentials and references. It's one of those jobs where you can't just start.and expect the world to have absolute faith in you.
A good start is if you have house sat for some friends whilst they were away, either calling in a couple of times a day or staying there. They can then supply you with references of your suitability and trust.
There are some cases where it can be just calling in a couple of times a day. The old thing of switching a light on at night, feeding the cats, budgies or chickens (!) and a quick hoover round before they come back.
But many prefer someone there on a full time basis, especially on longer spells away from home. When you work out the cost of decent Kennels, the extra money on having you there is quite cost effective and takes a lot of worries away from the house owners.
Also, they can phone you up and check things are OK.
I've done 'non residential' house sitting where I've looked after a Parrot, just going in there a couple of times a day and on the owners request, sat near to the bird for an hour or two just so he has some company (and someone to swear at!!).
Often this kind of work is found by word of mouth. There are professional house sitters who go all over the country and to be honest, if you haven't a large mortgage, you're not spending anything on the utilities of your own property.
The House Sitters I've known have been more in their 50's and 60's where maybe they have their own kids at home doing the house sitting for them, or they just rent properties between work.

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They've looked after houses from inner London to small Castles in Scotland and loved every minute of it. Some they've got quite attached to and really sorry when the owners holidays have come to an end.

How much can I earn House Sitting ?

It definitely pays to go alone and not through an Agency. However House Sitting Agencies would give you more work than you could muster up on your own.For me, it's part time money which pays for a holiday, I do about 35 days a year for the same people.

If through an Agency you'll probably looking at around £15 to £20 per night, this obviously reflecting an Agency fee.

On your own you could reasonably expect to earn £20 to £25 per night. This can all vary depending on if they have pets, how many pets and any extras your Client may want you to do.

One or two Agencies will allow you to accept a fee, then they take percentage

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Who knows where you
may end up

A reputable House / Pet Sitting Company
will usually make selection through
1. Application Form
2. Telephone interview
3. Visiting your own home
4..Will do a Police Check
Most Agencies prefer retired or
semi-retired people who have had their
own pets in the past
The more references you have, both
professionally and personally the better.


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