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The Apple and Sloe

Before helping yourself to 'more the domestic fruits' ensure you are on the right side of the Law !! _________________


Like many fruits, apples are used for digestive complaints and once again, constipation problems are mentioned.
Baked or stewed apples are good for diarrhoea and gastric upsets.

You can make shampoos and loads of other skin / hair products by looking around.
A mashed apple poultice will reduce skin inflamation.

Apples in Supermarkets are often kept at a cool temperature and this will have an effect on their goodness. Also of course, most have been treated with various insecticides.

So if you come accross an apple tree, make the most of it. They store well wrapped in paper and placed in a drawer, but check often - if one rots, it can spread quickly.


1kg /2.2lb
360ml/12fl.oz. Water
375g/13oz Cooking
Apples, peeled and
thinly Sliced
Granulated Sugar

Place the blackberries and half of the water
in a saucepan, bring
to the boil then
reduce the heat
and simmer until
Meanwhile, place
the apples and the
rest of water into
another very large
saucepan, bring to
the boil then reduce
the heat and simmer
until soft.
Add the blackberries
to the cooked apple
together with the
sugar, and cook over
a low heat, stirring
constantly, until the
sugar has dissolved.
Bring to the boil
and continue to boil
for 15 minutes.
6. Remove from the
heat and stand for
10 minutes. Ladle
jam into hot jars,
cover and label
Tracey Eldridge
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