Delivering Newspapers & Leaflets

An early morning start giving you more of the day

Newspaper Rounds and general door to door leaflet distribution are another way of benefiting your income .

Sure, you're not going to earn a fortune, but Paper Rounds are usually early morning, so you have the rest of the day for other activities and Leaflet dropping is something you can usually do hours to suit you and not someone else.

Newspaper Rounds

Means an early start to the day and journeying first to the Newsagents to pick up the subscribers Papers and Magazines.
Most paper rounds take about 45 minutes to complete, but don't expect to earn much more £10 - £15.
Almost all Newsagents only do rounds for 5 days a week

Weekly Newspaper Deliveries and Leaflet Drops

These are your local Freebie Papers which tend to be filled with Double Glazing and Car Servicing ads., but the content doesn't matter does it!
Pay for this can vary a lot. It usually depends on the amount of items you are delivering to whatever amount of homes.
The more leaflets there are usually means a slightly higher rate of pay.
Some Agencies supply a Shopping Trolley to deliver them from, others just a Shoulder Bag.
Where you can, insist on the Trolley option,
You can expect to earn anything from £5 per hour upwards.

The downer about this work is that you will almost always earning less than the minium wage, but I'm afraid we have to live with that.
It's normally casual labour and paid on the amount of work you do rather than the time it takes to do it.

Bits of advice...

Make sure you have a decent pair of shoes. If you're not used to walking this kind of style - it'll hurt!

Be friendly when you're doing it. This can be a good opportunity to get in with people, so gives you a chance of leading a chat into other thing's you do - may get some other work from it.
Make some Business Cards just in case.

This kind of work can be very boring, so a good idea is to take a Ipod, MP3 player or Radio with headphones.
If you're an avid fan of the Archers, you can listen to it whilst doing the rounds!

There's no harm into looking to start this on your own. By the time the Leaflet drop has got down to you, there's quite a number of people who have been paid on the way.
So if you're visiting a local business or Shop, why not suggest they do a couple of hundred photocopied leaflet and distribute it for them at your negociated price and not someone elses.
Watch out for the laws on this though, especially Insurance etc.

Some people after downshifting or those who are just trying to supplement their earnings can just go down one route.
Personally I like the idea of 'bit of money here, bit of money there'.
Any one thing I do wouldn't earn me a living, but the combination of many in this section do - just !!

It's one of those 'It's the rough and the smooth' jobs!

The above is one of the rough ones, but we all need a day off!

One bike, one Shopping Basket, one brave soull!

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