Oddjobbing for extra cash

Diversity of work, all the little jobs no one else wants !

The very first thing I would say - and it's a very important thing is to be totally honest with yourself and others in reference to your abilities.

If you design a lovely business card with 'Painter and Decorator' on it, that is indicating you are an experienced professional person who has the ability to do anything.
I had some business cards at one time and just stuck to name, email and phone numbers. I've done many a thing in the past seven years, but I've never undertaken something which was beyond
me. I would not start sothing I couldn't finish (which would an getting soone else in who can - at 4 tis the money!).
It is much better to get known as 'the bloke who I can phone if it's a problem that's 1. going to cost the earth for the person to walk through my door and 2. will do a satisfactory job and trustworthy'.

By being this you will win respect and have a good
client base. Many of them will phone you first. For example - just brought a new washing machine and want it plumbed in. Not a major skilled job and they'd rather ask you to do it..
Not only that, they will phone you because they want to give you work - they know how much it means to you and you're quite a nice chap and so on.

I have three 'customers' who have given me work for the past seven years.

Some example jobs I've done have been, laying a Patio, putting up shelving, curtain tracks, painting, assembling flat pack furniture, laying carpet tiles, ceramic tiling, cleaning windows, setting up TV/Videos.
Summing up - just about everything you would probably do in your own home.

I've even had a weeks work in France where I was given the house keys, a list of things which needed doing on the understanding that what I couldn't do was fine and they'd get someone else to do it.

Fair is fair and in some instances, people are just after cheap labour, but if you're happy, the customers happy = life is happy !

The other benefits of odd jobbing are you can do what you like really and turn down things you don't like doing.
One of the reasons I downshifted was that I always said 'the day I wake up and say I don't want to go in because I'm not happy, I'll give it up'

Why spend such a large percentage of your life doing something you don't like doing.
Looking at it completely honestly and realistically - it's silly isn't it. We should be masters of our self and of our destiny. Whoops - going off on one there !!
This work also frees you of much outlay. Let the customer buy thepaint and you just turn up with the brush or the screwdrivers etc. You are not working for companies who you have to invoice and wait '30 days after the 15th of the following month', you are doing the job and getting paid.

It's simply a case of getting known and it's amazing how many calls I've had where the person has said "John Smith gave me your phone number because I've..........."

You will find all sorts of customers, the professional couple, the widower, the divorcee, single parent, senior citizens - all people who haven't either time or ability to do things themselves.

Just stop next time you're doing something at home and ask youself "Could I earn a living doing this" - YOU PROBABLY CAN !

Watch health and safety

Not the Eden Project, but !

Carpet Laying - newly found talent

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