What is being Frugal?

Anyone can be frugal, it's a sort of savings plan in a way!

I was recently contacted by a Journalist working for the Independant On Sunday asking me what my feelings and thoughts were about Celebrities 'going frugal'.

Basically, many 'famous Stars' are going Green, but also going down the frugal route of growing their own vegetables, having Livestock, buying frugally and generally getting by on lower outgoings.

Only a fraction of what I said was quoted (no problems with that) but as always, I thought of a lot more to say after the event. Here's my views for what they're worth.

I don't have the slightest problem with any 'celeb' going frugal, even if, in the odd case, there may be a slight smell of PR!

Like Charity, saving the Planet also begins at home and it's living a more frugal life that can make this happen.
It;s a pity that many green options such as Solar Panels etc. are only available to those with a bit of money in the Bank. So if they are using the more expensive methods, it's at least taking the burden off the rest of us a bit!

My Dad used to say "If you have one of everything down the middle and two of everything down the sides, you're the same as Royalty and the Rich" and that's true.
If Sir Alan Sugar grew vegetables (perhaps he does) and we bumped into each other, I couldn't speak to him about stocks and shares, he may not be able to speak to me about Cricket Players maybe, but we have common ground in a frugal down to earth lifestyle !

Wood collecting in Winter

There is nothing clever in frugality. For some it may be a fashion or hobby, but to others it's essential and a way of life. Some people have no option. Finding the best deal around the shops isn't >being frugal< if you have to do that.

Most of the time it is simply stepping back one or two generations to how we used to live.
In this fast, high tec day and age, we need escape routes and having a more basic down to earth approach to our spare time is very healthy.
It helps us appreciate our surroundings more and at least gives us the satisfaction we are doing something for the future and not just living on our past or present existance.

Downshifting brings about frugality, it has to. You want to change a career maybe taking a drop in earnings, but you still want to get the best out of life you possibly can.

Frugality is not about sacrifice, it's about looking at yourself and where you want to go.

So Celebrities, welcome to the Club. You may not need to do the things you are doing, but if it gives you general satisfaction, even if it is a hobby, great stuff.

The only difference between you and many others is - you don't have to do it, others do!

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It's just that some Greenhouses can be slightly more elaborate than others

and the Veggie Patch is just behind the Statue!!


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