Great uses for Egg Shells

Don't waste an Egg, the shell's have many frugal properties

The greatest joy in keeping Chickens has to be the Eggs. Poached, Scrambled, Boiled, Fried or whatever, you're getting good food at no cost and you know from where it came, but..

crushed egg shells

the egg doesn't just end with the eating, the Egg Shell is often the forgotten part and there are many uses for them and makes our humble Egg a frugal masterpiece! Here's a few things you can use them for.

Egg Shells to protect Plants from Slugs Plant Protection and Fertilizer

One thing that Slugs don't like is anything pointed, for obvious reasons, they take a step too close to a crumbled egg shell and they're a wounded creature.
Sprinkle them around your more fragile Plants and those suspectible to slug attack.
Adding crumbled shells to the soil can help to fertilize your Garden, they are rich in Calcium and other nutrients. Add them direct to the ground or via your Compost Heap.

egg shell as seedling starter Starting Seedlings off

If you like boiled eggs you're sure to have a large unbroken part of the shell to play with.
Clean out the inside and make a small hole in the bottom and use to sow seeds. Although this may seem more a novel idea, the goodness coming from the shell and the easiness to part the plant from it's case when planting out is much easier. On ce finished with, crumble and sprinkle the remains as in the first idea.

Candle made with Egg Shells Candles

Now this is more a novel idea and one which I'm sure will impress your friends should you spread a few around a suitable Dinner Table. Simple really, just melt some candle wax, pour into the egg and when nearly set, insert the wick.
In interests of safety, only use when someone ispresent, place in a China Egg Cup or small glass bottle and keep make sure the kids don't get to them! Do not place in wood for obvious reasons.

baking egg shells in oven Feed back to the Chickens

You often find when you go to collect your Eggs from the Coop that your beloved girls have eaten their own Eggs and the fear is alway that it does them harm. This is not so. However, you can bake the used shells in an Oven, crush them up finely and use as a substitute Oyster or other Grit.
Grit is a vitamin supplement for Hens. If in a small area, they need grit often. If in a larger area or free ranging they will usually find their own 'grit'. Read more in 'Feeding Chickens'

More Uses for Eggshells

For Skin irritations crush a shell. Mix with with Apple Cider Vineger, leave to soak for a couple of days then apply to the Skin.
Finely crushed shell mixed with soapy water acts as a good abrasive Cleaner , the joy being they are non-toxic.
If left in your sink drainer, crushed egg shells will collect solids and on the way down help keep your drains clean
By completely grinding down egg shells to a powder then mixing with an egg white makes for an excellent healthy skin tightening mask .

So there's a few things for you to ponder over, but the main point is to say once again there's nothing spared in an egg, it's the 100% re-cyclable and frugal dream!!


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