How to grow Courgette's in the Garden

A very plentiful vegetable with many cooking options

Courgette Plant

Courgette Planting and Growing Calender

Courgette's, once they're fully grown are one of the most productive vegetable plants - and fast at that! You can see a tiny one in the morning then return in the evening to find it 4" or 5" long.
The large plumage needs investigating daily, there has not been a season go by where I haven't found a fully blown Marrow amongst the plumage!
I grow about six plants a year and this is ample to see the two of us through Winter and the following Spring. Add to that the amount we use to make Chutney, it really is a wonder plant.
But (there's always one!!) due to them growing quite big you do need the space to grow them..

Soil Preparation

A few weeks before planting out make pockets (small mounds) about a spade's width where you are going to put each one then fill with well rotted manure and compost.
Each Plant should be spaced at 3 feet intervals.


For best results sow Indoors - each seed being sown in a 3" Pot filled with good Potting Compost mid April to early May. The plants will soon appear and will need watering well.
Once the Plants appear large enough to stand alone, or when the roots are fully developed, plant out accordingly.

Planting out

It's a good idea to harden the plants a little before planting out, this can be done by leaving the Plants still in pots outside during the day and taking them in at night. After a week, leave them out all the time but beware weather conditions, especially wind.

Once they are hardened off water the area to where they are to be planted well.


Courgette's need plenty of water. As they are, in simple terms, sitting on top of a mound, the best place to water is around them so the water gets to the roots a lot quicker.


This very much as and when, once all Plants have fully grown it will be a rare event you come back from the Vegetable Patch empty handed. As with many other Plants, the more you pick, the more they'll grow!

Courgette's (and Squash) are ideal for using the 'Three Sisters' system, that's to grow them in between Sweet Corn and French Beans. The French Beans cling on to the Sweet Corn and the supply good natural fertilizer and also provide excellent ground cover thus reducing Weeds.

They are without a doubt great for any Meal and using as an ingredient for Chutney's.

Another use is to deep fry the Flowers, quite a delicacy !

Dates and times given may vary by Region and on the Variety chosen to grow. Please check the Seed Packets for individual guides.

Courgette and Sweetcorn growing
Courgette's growing amongst the Sweetcorn and French Beans

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