Where to buy and what to buy for selling on ebay

More options to earn extra money by selling online

There are various forms of selling on ebay..

1. Clearing out personal stuff
2. Buying already second hand items and selling
3. Buying new goods in bulk

For this page we'll be looking at No. 2 and look at what we can buy and where we can buy it from for maximum profit.

A lot of course depends upon how much time you want to put into it, but if you're living a more frugal life , you're probably wanting to supplement you income in the best way possible.

Buying at Jumble Sales

This mainly covers clothing and I will give you a story of a person I know who does this and is earning anything up to £100 per week. Read more at bottom of page.
Lot's of people forget about Jumble Sales, they are a thing of the past and more associated to rural situations, but if you get to one, most things are sold at set prices of around the 20p to 30p mark.

Remember, don't buy for your own taste, think of others. A good market to go for are young females aged between 18 and 25 years old. This niche have the bug of buying cheap.

Buying at Charity Shops

Some have a moral issue with this. These shops are there to help Charities and by buying items to sell at a profit - are you not depriving those less well off?

I don't buy from them anymore but I believe that they set the price, not you. They are putting a price on something to sell it as quickly as possible for cash flow.
Also you can be pretty sure that any more unusual stuff they get coming in will be seen and spotted by someone and end up on their own ebay account anyway!

These are good places to buy bric-a-brac but go towards collectables rather than 'a nice pot' for example.
People collect all sorts of things; Specific animal ornaments, tins, memorabilia etc.

Buying at Boot Fairs

Boot Fairs have changed a lot over the years, more and more professional sellers attend.
If you want a lot of things you need to get there early. On my last Boot Fair, they were almost climbing into the back of the car at 6am.

I believe that to buy at Boot Fairs you need to be searching for specifics. Books, Videos and DVD's etc. just don't sell well anymore, so stay clear of that market.
If you do buy a Book, look for the more geeky kind such as old Cricket Annuals in good condition.

Earning £100 a week

To earn up to £100 per week from buying to sell on ebay, my friend centres on Jumble Sales.
Every week she will scan the local papers and off she'll go on a Saturday morning and queue outside wherever in stacks of 20p coins in her pocket.

On average she will just buy around 10 - 12 items per week, come home, look them over, take a picture and load them up on to ebay.

Sure it's some and some, but on various things she's purchased for 20p., she's sold them for £15 and more!

She could do more if she wanted. All in all, Saturday, going to the Sale and putting them up for Sale takes around four hours.
After she's sold them, it's wrapping up and posting, say another three hours (inc, travel etc) - so £100 for seven hours work all in isn't bad !

One thing she does emphasise is not buying to your taste. Only a few weeks ago she sold a pair of Jeans with holes in them (shown on photo) for £25.

That's the secret, get your market right and there's money to be made.

Looking for bargains at boot fair Eyes peeled for bargains at Jumble Sales and Boot Fairs

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