Where to get ex-battery Hens for re-homing

A Fresh Start for Hens have regular rescues around the Country

Follow and support my John O'Groats to Lands End Bike ride in support of Fresh Start for Hens in the Forum or on Twitter . Starts 21st. June and ends....sometime after that!!


A Fresh Start for Hens is a Battery Hen rescue Organization recently formed from 'Hen Re-Homers UK'. They have regular rescues around the Country and your Hens can be picked up from various Co-Ordinators at specified collection points.

All the main Organizers and some of the Rescue Co-Ordinators are long serving Members of the Down the Lane Forum and I can totally vouch for their sincerity and honesty in all communications, payments and general helpfulness.

I'm sure you appreciate that the logistics for these rescues is quite huge; you may have a rescue from the north of England and the right amount of Hens have to be separated to Vans taking them to their assigned collection points.

All the Co-Ordinators and Drivers do this work on a voluntary basis so there is a very minimal charge for the Hens to cover costs of Van Hire and Petrol etc. No profit is sought, should there be, this is put back into the next rescue, but all the necessary information can be found on their Website 'Fresh Start for Hens' and you may find visiting their own Category in the
Down the Lane Forum very useful as well.

If you are not starting to keep ex-battery hens just yet, but feel you would like to make a donation to Fresh Start for Hens, please visit their Donation Page Here

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There are approx. 16 million Hens kept in Battery Cages throughout the UK. At the end of their egg laying days, they are sold for Pet Food and cheap Chicken Pies etc. Saving just a few helps.


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