Serotine Bat

A cold winter’s day full of surprises After a long walk on my ‘south patch’ which didn’t prove very productive except good fresh air, I thought I’d pop into the ruins of Bishop’s Waltham Palace grounds to have a peep there. Surprises in wildlife watching cease to amaze me. I thought from afar it was […]

Red Kite from below

Increase of Red Kite sightings in Bishop’s Waltham In a few weeks time I will have lived in Bishop’s Waltham for three years and in the first year I think I may have seen 2 or 3 Red Kites. Just recently however, more and more seem to be appearing, so to see this one close […]

Siberian Chiffchaff Bishops Waltham

Another rare visitor ! It’s nice having Bishop’s Waltham Ponds within a 2 / 3 minute walking distance and in the last 4 weeks we’ve had the pleasure of being visited by a Goosander and in the last few days, a Siberian Chiffchaff, I noticed it being there by reading it had been spotted on […]

Hook with Warsash

Negatives for humans, some positives for Wildlife This Planet has been inhabited by wildlife for some 3.5 billion years, but in the last 100 years or so, we humans appear to have done a pretty good job of exterminating a lot of it and it’s hard not to think, see it whilst it’s still there. […]


A pre Christmas treat for local Birdwatchers! Goosander – Bishop’s Waltham South Pond A Goosander isn’t the rarest of birds, but it is in Bishop’s Waltham. My Postman is born and bred here and an extremely keen Birdwatcher and he’s never seen one here before! Having only heard about it (and I should have known […]

Pied Flycatcher

Migration starts so busy times ahead Hook-with-Warsash It’s always nice to have a highlight of the month and this month was without a doubt the Pied Flycatcher at Hook-with-Warsash. I’d heard there was one about and after a long circular walk spotted it in a residential street on my car back to the car. In […]

Marble White Butterfly

Exploring around the Winchester area Hampshire apparently has the highest number of Butterfly species in England; 46 out of 59. Last year I managed 26 but doubt if I will achieve that many or improve this year, in fact I left deeper searching too late for many. The Claylands Reserve here in Bishop’s Waltham has […]

Out and about again more It’s good to get out more now, it’s summertime, no clogged up muddy boots and plenty to look for. Hook with Warsash has been one of my favourite places since moving down this way from Kent. Situated at the mouth of the River Hamble you get the best of both […]


Garden Bird Visitors in Waltham Chase Now living in a Flat, it was great to be asked to feed an acquaintances Garden Birds for a week. Knowing they have a high number of birds turning up daily I obviously took my Camera along. Highlight was this nicely posed Bullfinch, the best photo I have […]

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