As I said in my previous post, the small village of Godmersham is only two miles from my place and I seldom go there bird watching.
I’ve certainly, up to the last week, missed out this winter, beside the wonderful appearance of Hawfinches, there’s an array of small birds about with a constant chorus of song.

Goldcrest on Wall

The busiest day this week was Wednesday, no sooner had I got out of the Van did I see three Goldcrests jumping between a Yew Tree and the Graveyard wall, then looking upwards, a Grey Wagtail sitting on the roof of the Church.

Goldfinch in January Long Tailed Tit landing Grey Wagtail on Roof
Goldfinch – Long Tailed Tit – Grey Wagtail

Mistle Thrush Godmersham Treecreeper at Godmersham Goldfinch Godmersham
Mistle Thrush – Treecreeper – Greenfinch

Walking along the Lane I encounted two Nuthatches and 4 Treecreepers which although not rare, not often seen so much in the open, if seen at all !

Long Tailed Tits and Goldcrests were most in number, never seen so many in one area.
Add to that 4 Greenfinches and two Mistle Thrushes, you just couldn’t find anything negative on a beautifully sunny Winter’s day.
One Lady arrived from further down the Lane and said she was watching a Blackbird foraging when a Sparrowhawk came down and took it away in one foul swoop.


One thing which did surprise me was a few of the Birders remarking on Coal Tits. I never knew they are maybe one of the lesser seen birds. Without sounding too much of a show off I told them I have about a dozen in my Garden every day!

Male Chaffinch
Male Chaffinch

Little Egret Great Stour
Little Egret in River next to Church

All in all, a special morning out and with the Hawfinches as well has to go down as one of the best days as well.

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