Although there are only 8 species of Birds in this video, around and about there is so much activity, mainly revolving around the Fledglings.

Jay under Bird Feeders

The Woodpeckers appear to have hatched two young one’s and there’s ample families of Coal Tits, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Robins and more – more common Garden Birds that is.

Thus far there is no sign of the annual attendance of Sparrowhawks, last year they certainly culled the Pigeon population, ripped carcases were all over the edge of the fields around here.
There are Buzzards and Kestrels seen every day and as you may have read, a Red Kite appeared two miles away on Wye Downs a couple of weeks ago.

Around the edges of the Gardne, Bumble and Honey Bees are now busy, a few Ladyirds have turned up (wish there were more to stem Black Fly on the Runner and Broad Beans). What is worrying is I haven’t seen any Common Lizards yet and wondering if something took them through Winter.
I’m unsure about this as they’re in four separate parts of the Garden and would have thought at least one hibernating nest would have survived.

I continue with frequent grass cutting to a low height, this should attract more Bees. I leave the edges pretty wild and only cut back bushes like Hawthorn when absolutely necessary, this being a good food and perching source for the smaller birds during the Winter months.

But, it’s getting warmer, so hoping for some busy times ahead

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