I don’t recall Bewick’s Swans at Dungeness last year so was very keen to see them when I read on a Blog that upwards of 14 had turned up in the last week.

Bewick's Swans at Dungeness

Being my only day spare this week and fearing they may move on I headed down there quite early. Regret to say when I arrived it was thick fog and I couldn’t see further than 50 meters or so.
Not being able to wait until late afternoon when they would fly in to roost, I headed off to the Old Lighthouse and around the main Reserve circuit. Each step seemed to clear the fog.

Bewick Swan flying Two Bewick's Swans

By the time I had to head home I thought I’d just give the ARC Hide one quick glance to see if they arrive early, low and behold, two did at 12.30pm!
I have to say, what majestic creatures they are. At first they were pretty distant, then slowly but surely they swam over to the small Island about 100 meters away and I managed a few shots.
It’s interesting I saw these on the day ‘The Swan Lady’ landed her Microlight at Dover after following their passage from Siberia. You can read about her journey here

Chelduck UK Pied Wagtail Dungeness Point
Left; Shelduck – Right; Pied Wagtail on Power Station wall

One interesting thing around the Old Lighthouse was seeing quite a number of Bumble Bees still present, especially as the last few days hasn’t seen a temperature above 5 degrees and well below freezing at night.

Bumble Bee in December

Apparently a Peacock Butterfly and Red Admiral have been spotted around in the last few days. Is this worrying? I know these creatures can often appear in December, the concern is when it’s every year. Times and climate are changing!

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