There was much happening with the birds down the Lane this morning, it seems that many are now on their second hatching’s of the Summer, loud high note tweets coming from everywhere!

Young Wren
The young Wren takes a break on the Greenhouse roof

Luckily I was in the Garden when I heard something hit the Kitchen window and upon searching around the bush below I found a stranded and somewhat dazed young Blue Tit.

First reaction is not to touch it until you’re pretty sure it’s not just going to adjust itself and fly away, handling them at a very young age can lead to them being unwanted by the parents making life much more of a struggle for them. This one however looked pretty much out of it and if you leave them, they’ll often just give up.
After holding it for a few minutes it climbed on to my fingers and perched there for a good 15 minutes before flying off into a nearby bush where it took another 15 minute rest before flying off down the Lane. Success!

Young dazed Blue Tit

Meanwhile in the back Garden there were some horrendous panic / warning cries from some Wrens who had obviously caught sight of my Ginger Cat lurking around. They didn’t know it, but Ginger takes no notice of Birds, he’ll sit there and just watch them stroll by, saw him being chased by a Magpie once!

Female House Sparrow peeping from Nest
It helps to wear a hat when you leave the door though!!

One nice thing about stepping out of the back door is that it’s right below a House Sparrows nest and this again is a noisy place to be at present. From the tone and pitch of them I’d say they’re not far off fledging, so my Camera awaits.

Until then it’s quite a joy watching the Parents flying in and out with food goodies for them. Also nice is the fact they have built the nest well into the eaves so this should stop the Crows and Jays from getting them whilst still there.

Young Rabbits in the garden

Beside that, mostly quiet but still getting visits from the young Rabbits who, thankfully, don’t seem to be after my Vegetables.
There are definitely more about this year compared to last, but last year we had ‘Big Ron’ the cat, who at i stone 4lbs would demolish 2 or 3 Rabbits a week.
Sadly he passed away in early Spring.

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