Being not quite yet my usual finely tuned Olympic Triathlon self (!!) once again I’m pretty much confined to the Garden and the 100 meters or so down to the fields.
There’s always something to see though and again, the beauty of Nature’s Wildlife comes to you if you allow it and sit patiently enough of course.

Young Green Woodpecker
A young male Green Woodpecker

Once more the Butterlies are the stars of the Lane with countless numbers flying around the Nettles and Thistles on the wasteland at the back of my Garden.

Large-White-Butterfly Gatekeeper in the Garden Common Blue
Large White – Gatekeeper – Common Blue

One thing that is worrying me, I shall do a very unusual rare thing of mine and talk politics !
With the United Kingdom leaving the EU in two years or whenever, all Policies will be taken on by our Government.
In itself that sounds good, but the small print is saying they are and will change anything after the take over has taken place.

Wide bodied Chaser
Wide Bodied Chaser

With all extra spending in other areas I fear the environmental budget will be cut to pay for what is seen as more important things.
Will the Stewardship Scheme go? At presnt Farmers have the choice of joining the Scheme which in it’s basic terms is being substidized for leaving a 12 meter buffer around their fields, restrictions on when hedgerows are cut and in some cases more such as leaving gaps in Crops for Skylarks etc.

Common Chaser
Common Chaser

When Michael Gove was appointed as Environmental Minister in June, the Guardian an announced it was like ‘putting a Fox in charge of a hen house’.
I hope they are proved wrong, but…………………??

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