A few Wild Flowers around the RSPB Dungeness Reserve today

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose

Probably this is the most seen flower around the Reserve at this time of the year, a fine yellow colourful plant self seeding as it spreads.

These will flower between June and September gradually increasing each individual bloom one after the other.
Great for attracting Bees, Butterflies and Moths it is possible to grow these in your Garden, something often overlooked for the reason that many think it’s just a colourful weed found on the side of roads and waste ground.



A long flowering wild flower lasting from May to Septemeber which will attract Bumblebees, Honey Bees and many Butterflies especially Skippers and Painted Ladies.

They grow mainly on sand and chalk and more associated to the south of the UK.

Mallow (also known as Musk Mallow)


This lovely plant flowers between very late June through to September.

Most would class this as a weed, but seen in more natural surroundings of coast, hedgerows and wasteland areas they give a cover which would enhance anyone’s Garden.
They like soil with ample nitrogen, so if you have stinging nettles, you’ll know you have the right conditions to grow them.

Loved by Butterflies!



Not always something liked by the Gardener, especially around a Vegetable Patch, but all the more reason to have part of your Garden grow wild to attract wildlife.
The Thistle will not let you down. Not easy to work around due to the sharpness of it’s protective spikes, but a great colour thrown in.

The main thing is that birds and Butterflies love them!

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