I went to Conningbrook Lakes this afternoon for two reasons 1. Hoping to see the reported Turtle Dove and 2. some Snakes.
I saw neither of course, but as always, something will take your fancy.

Juvenile Pied Wagtail

Being School Summer Holidays and what I thought was a perfect day for getting out and about after the heatwave, I was surprised that in my two hour stroll, I saw no one else at all!
Maybe they’re all queuing up at Dover Docks!

Although very common birds, the highlight was sitting on a Bench just by the bridge separating the main lake and watching a dozen or so juvenile Pied Wagtails darting around in a frenzy as if life depended on it. Saying that, to a bird, life does depend on it!

Gatekeeper Butterfly Marbled White Butterfly Speckled Wood Butterfly
Gatekeeper – Marbled White – Speckled Wood

Damselfly Banded Damselfly Heron in tree Conningbrook
Damselfly – Banded – Heron in the Trees beside Eco Lake

Progressing around to the Eco and North Lakes I could hear many birds, mainly Long Tailed Tits, what I believe were juvenile Chaffinches and a couple of Green Woodpeckers.
As hard as I tried to get a photo, their darting between the leafy smaller trees beat me.
In the fields on the other side of the River there were intermittent groups of Skylarks.

Eco Lake Conningbrook

The Wild Plants and Flowers alongside the Great Stour looked splendid. Now in their full glory you can see that much food supply will be there for Autumn and Winter, plus of course, many Butterflies, Bees and Dragon Flies enjoying them as they are now.

Now in it’s second year of opening much is happening at Conningbrook and I’m sure that many Nature lovers will be enjoying a very special last half of 2016 and next year to boot.

As for the Turtle Dove and Bees, I need to get myself out of bed at silly o’clock I think !!

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