The night before I visit Dungeness, either RSPB, the Reserve or Beach I will always look at other peoples Blogs to see what they’ve seen and often giving me a good guide as to where to Search.
For quite some time I’ve read of a Stoat being spotted, even a family seen and photographed along the Road leading to the British Trust for Ornithology.

Stoat interested withcamera

Yesterday I found references of that day for various Gulls and other lesser seen birds, so I went off in pursuit of a few good first time spots.

Stoat scouting for food

Needless to say, as is the case so often, I found none of them although it was good to watch the Common Terns feeding their young from the Denge Hide – albeit, extremely noisy!
After a two hour walk round and finding some Golden Plovers sitting in amidst the Lapwings at the ARC, I decided to make my way back to the Camper and head home slowly via the Romney Marshes taking in Fairfield and Appledore.

Then, just as I started back from ‘The Pines’ I saw the Stoat darting accross in front of me. Experience has it that when you are sprung a surprise, after you’ve taken aim with your Camera, whatever it is, shoots off in great speed.

Stoat running

But this big one didn’t, just popped over the rough path to the edge of the woods, stopped and found fascination by just looking at me.
A minute later and it was gone in their usual roller coaster type action.

Never a dull day, never a disappointing one, wherever and when you go, something pops up !!

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