I’ve been noticing Fox droppinga around the Garden for a couple of weeks now, not surprising really as one usually takes up territory around here, but I have been concerned with the poo I’d seen, very dark and just a few seeds and the odd Berry inside.
Then a couple of nights ago I saw him (pretty sure it’s a Dog) scavenging around the Garden. When dark I put the Hedgehog Cat Food out, saw the resident two Hedgehogs getting stuck in then noticed a Foxes head attempting to butt them out the way.

They were having none of it and stood their ground!
Seeing the poor fella closer you could see he’s not really OK. so last night I put some Cat Food out a bit earlier. Low and behold, along he came and took it nervously, but with pleasure and thanks I’m sure.

The next challenge was how to feed the Hedgehogs without Foxey getting there first! As my Shed / Office is by the Food, I worked on my PC tappng somewhat liuder than usual to keep him away.
Sure enough, the Hedgehogs turned up and had their share alright.

I’ve kept Chickens so I’m aware Foxes are a nuisance, but whenever I lost a Hen to a Fox, I knew it was no one else’s fault but my own; I’d either forgotten or hadn’t seen a weak area either in the Coop, Run or myself.

Fox in Garden

For me they’re beautiful creatures, they’re wild and everything has a purpose. I guess because they’re not food they, to some Poultry Keepers are seen as killers, but there are not many worse natural killers than our domestic cats !
I should say though that I am talking about me, a Farmers view may be different and I respect that.

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