Our Resident Fox

The Derelict Windmill beside my place is at present a Maternity Ward for some Fox Cubs.
As I think I’ve said before, due to a fight or the mating process, the Vixen is only using 3 legs. The affected leg doesn’t seem to have any wounds so I’d guess it’s a sprain or strain, doesn’t seem broken..
With this in mind and knowing she has young ones I’ve been feeding her up also leaving food which she can take back to the youngsters whom I believe to be about 5 / 6 weeks old now.

She’s a lucky lady; Cat Food Sachets and a daily Jam Sandwich.
This has to be set times though, as the Video shows, put the Sandwich out too soon and something else gets it !

The Hedgehog

He or she is now well over her hibernation, sleeping either in the Shed or the Hedgehog House I built. Certainly hibernated there through Winter.

Hedgehog eating Cat Food

Luckily there’s an old ‘cat hole’ in the side of the Shed and it’s quite happy going through it for food.
Saying that, I’ve had to devisee a way to stop the Fox to get in, which was doing so a couple of weeks back. There is now an entrance zig-zag to prevent this !

More welcome Visitors down the Lane

The Stream seems to have attracted a resident Moorhen, the ones who, like Pheasants, wait until the last second before you’re right next to it, then gives you a missed beat leaping up and flapping along the Stream for cover!

Moorhen paddling in Stream

Male Green Woodpecker in Garden

It was also nice to see the Green Woodpeckers back again. The Greater Spotteds visit daily, but the Greenies haven’t been around for quite while.

The sounds of the Lane are good, laughing Green Woodpeckers, the Chiffchaffs going at it all day, Blackbirds and Robins loud and clear and quiet tweets of the Goldcrests.

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