Since my post on 2nd. August where I mentioned we are being visited by a somewhat poorly underfed Fox I’ve been feeding her a sachet of Poultry Cat Food up the garden every night.
This in turn has forced me to rethink the Hedgehog Food as old Foxy was grabbing their’s as well. Hoggy’s food is now inside the shed with a zig zag preventing ‘the thief’ from getting it and is approached through a hole originally intended I presume for a cat in the distant past and before I moved here.

So all are happy down the Lane at present !

I recorded this video over five evenings placing the Camcorder in different positions every night. This was in fact quite easy, the Fox has a regular route and regular times all be it, she’s arriving five minutes earlier every evening due to the days getting a bit shorter now.

There are some who may think I shouldn’t be doing this, but every creature, like us, has a life and part of an eco-system which has worked for hundreds of years.
Surely they have a place and a right to live the same as any other creatures.

Fox in the Garden

Some say they’re just malicious chicken killers who don’t take all they kill, but they will if they’re allowed to. I’ve seen Chickens buried in neighbours gardens with their feet sticking out the ground so the Fox knows where they are when they return.
Also, of course (I usually get jip for this), keeping poultry is putting their life’s in our hands, 99% of the time we lose a hen to a Fox it is our fault; we’ve overlooked something, not seen a weakness in our Coops or simply forgotten to shut a gate.

Finally of course, they’re like a London Bus, when one goes, there’s another one following shortly behind.

I should add this is a rural Fox and their behaviour and ‘townie’ behaviour is very different. In the countryside life for them is based solely on self sufficiency and for this reason they only live half the age. Rural is survival of the fittest.

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