As feared the last part of June involved me being confined to barracks, so no day trips out or walks on the fields.
However, just sitting in the Garden made me observe more of what was going on and a chance to do some more swatting up on Wildlife Sites whilst avoiding daytime TV as much as possible !

Comma Butterfly

Butterflies in the Garden

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago I was worried about the amount of Butterflies I’d seen so far this Spring / Early Summer, well, it seemed almost overnight, the Garden was over run with them, especially Meadow Browns and Skippers.
The huge stinging nettle patch inter mingled with Thistle seemed to be the attraction.
In fact, not being able to do some tidying up here and there made it even better for wildlife ! Perhaps that’s the secret… nothing !

Male Meadow Brown Female Meadow Brown Common Blue
Male Meadow Brown – Female Meadow Brown – Common Blue

The Slow Worms under the rubber mat continue to increase in numbers and it appears that some females are getting pretty big, so hopefully, in mid August or so, some young ones may be about.

Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar
Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar

Bird wise, beside the newly born fledging from almost every corner of the Garden and Lane, things are pretty quiet with just the constant noise of young ones flitting amongst the hedges and bushes.
At least the Sparrowhawk hasn’t appeared again as far as I know. In fact I’ve seen very little of the Common Buzzards for a few weeks, just occasionally hearing their distant cat like call probably a mile away.

Honey Bee pollinating
Not being able to cut the Grass, the Clover growing is attracting the Honey Bees well

Hopefully July will bring better health and I can get out more.

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