Visiting Dungeness always springs surprises, that’s to say, when you think there’ll be a lot around, there isn’t and vice versa. Today was a day where I expected it to be busy; I’d heard about the Cattle Egret, an Osprey, Glossy Iis and more but nothing was seen by me.
However, no day out to Dungeness is without something even if it’s a better view of a bird than you’ve had before.

Goldcrest in bush Dungeness
Europes smallest bird, The Goldcrest

I did my usual circuit starting off by parking the Camper at the old Lighthouse, venturing on to the beach then a walk up to the BTO House and around the Moat.
The tide was in so not much there. I walked around the bushes between the Miniture Train Station at the road leading to the BTO. Here was a mass of Starlings and quite a few Goldcrests.

Stonechat at Dungeness

Heron fly past

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