After a summer break, the Grey Wagtails suddenly appeared this week, mainly hanging around the Stream which at present is quite low so giving them ample places to splash around in.
Add to that the re-appearance of countless Chiffchaffs, the Lane has become quite noisy again.

Grey Wagtail in Stream

Autumn is upon us, at present warm sunny days with rapid temperature drops late afternoon bringing out the forever young (it seems) Blackbirds who scurry around the Blackcurrant Bushes and under the Laurel Tree.
This seems to go on until more or less darkness, only yesterday I nearly fell over one as I returned from my Garden Office to the Back Door.

e-blackcap Chiffchaff Red Admiral
Blackcap – Wren – Red Admiral

Butterrlies are hanging on but seem now to be reduced to more or less Whites, Speckled Woods with the odd Peacock and Red Admiral. Invertebrates are still making their winter homes in the bug house, the fox is feeding nightly as is the Hedgehog who seems to be eating less as the evenings go on.
Mind you, this is probably not bad. I know Hogs are supposed to be of good weight for their hibernation, but this one’s huge !!

Green Woodpecker taking off
Green Woodpecker over the fields at Conningbrook

So not many sightings this week, I did spot a huge Slow Worm by the Stream, but it this instance it didn’t live up to it’s name and did a fast exit before I could get my Camera pointed.
Why is it you always see something after the event !

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