29th.March 2016
With my daughter and family away in the USA, I’m doing the House Sitting, sad they’re not there but a chance to pop out on daily adventure around the vicinity – today it was Hamble.

It couldn’t have been better, the tide was low which gave possibly the last chance to see our Winter migrants go off on their summer jaunts.

Black Tailed Godwits grazing
Black Tailed Godwits

Hamble is blessed with both Black Tail and Bar Tailed Godwits, today it seemed to be the Black Tailed showing their faces.
There wasn’t much happening really, beside the above a few Turnstones, Mallards and the odd Teal.

Some Redshanks did eventually turn up however and this gave a reasonable photographic opportunity.

Goldfinch Chiffchaff perching Greenfinch perching
Goldfinch – Chiffchaff – Greenfinch

After that I popped along to Hook-in-Warsah where again not much about, just the normal but a Chiffchaff and female Blackbird did make for a good shot.
Much noise from Buntings in the Reeds and Skylarks were obviously in attendance somewhere.

Nothing else to do I had a slow stroll along the Lane, some Goldfinches appeared and that was that.

Male Teal at Hamble
Male Teal

Should you ever go to Hamble and would like to see a Kingfisher, try walking about 100 meters north of the Pink Ferry, there’s a bend in the Path with a Bench. Sit there and look across the pools in an easterly direction and you may well catch a glimpse of one, or two, p[erched on th fence poles or sitting on a mud bank as the tide comes in.

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