Sources say that this year’s influx of Hawfinches is due to a number of things; poor crops in Germany, the Sahara Dust Storm and Spanish fires in October.

Whatever the reason, what a joy to have so many in the UK at present, especially when they’re only two miles away from my house in Godmersham!

Male Hawfinch on Yew

Male Hawfinch at Godmersham Kent
Male Hawfinch – think he spotted me before I spotted him !

The female

Needless to say, they attracted many Birders from all over Kent, last Saturday they reckoned on over 60 there, someone should bring a Hot Dog Stand along!

Where they are sited

Starting from the Church which adjoins the A28, there’s a Lane which runs along parallel to the main road.
Some have been spotted around the Church itself but the favourite place thus far is a couple of hundred meters further down the Lane just before the Old Vicarage.
Both these places have Yew Trees and behind the long wall there are many Hornbeams which attract them of course.

I have to say I’ve only really gone along there twice in as many years and never really seen much, but in the last week I’ve been there four times and never seen so many small birds, see next post.

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