Sad to say, but in the 29 years I’ve lived in Ashford Kent I have never visited Hothfield Heathlands just 4 miles away from where I live.
I’ve missed something !!

Hothfield Heathland

Owned by the Kent Wildlife Trust, the area covers acres upon acres of Heathland, Grass, Bogs, Woods and Fields each in turn making ideal habitats for many species of wildlife.
It is only one of four remaining lowland valley bogs in Kent (years of housing developments being put up without much thought).

Spiders Web Fungus in Woodland Hothfield Hebridean Sheep at Hothfield The Woodland feel and right Hebridean Sheep

Although I visited on a hot sunny day and we’ve had no rain for three weeks, the bog land still had a few marshy pools where many Dragon Flies live and breed.
Highlight are the Keeled Skimmers, the only place in Kent you will find them.

In the more meadow parts herds of Hebridean and Herdwick Sheep are kept. The Hebrideans tend to stick together in large numbers whereas the Herdwicks are more spread out and the only words to describe them is laid back.

Keeled Skimmers mating
Keeled Skimmers Mating

The wooded areas form a barrier between the Heathland and Fields and it’s here you will find, at the right time of the day, Barn and Tawny Owls, something for an early evening visit next time.
The woodland is kept maintained but ‘wild’ and gives a real feeling of how nature should be. It’s not designer wildlife habitat.

Many species of birds are attracted to this area; Yellowhammers, Treecreepers and of course Buzzards, Kestrels and Sparrowhawks. Hobby’s are also seen here occasionally.

The Heathland is found about 3 miles from Junction 10 of the M20 on the A20 where the Junction goes off to Hothfield and Pluckley.

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