Rare visit for the Hummingbird Hawk Moth

The last time I saw the Hummingbird Hawk Moth was at Nagergot in the Himalayan Foothills ! I’d heard from several people this year who said they’ve had them in and around their Gardens, so I was especially pleased to see this one hopping on and off the Buddle1a Plant sucking out the pollen with it’s proboscis.

Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Hummingbird Hawk Moth proboscis

Great Summer for House Sparrows

Out of all the species I’ve seen in the Garden this year, the House Sparrow is right up there with excitement.
At present and as I write, a quick run round the front and back Garden has shown 8 in the front, 11 in the back and 6 on the Roof !

Male House Sparrow late August

This way outnumbering previous years, it seems that not many places either around the guttering or the outhouses has been left undone for nests.
I know of at least 5 nests.
With it’s fair share of nooks, gaps and crannies, the Mill House opposite has also entertained many nests.

In fact, it seems that all birds down the Lane have done well this year. The only one for which there seems fewer are Dunnocks, but I’ve noticed they tend to appear a lot more as Autumn and Winter sets in.

Red Admiral Butterfly
A Red Admiral Butterfly surprisingly all in one piece still for this time of the Summer

The end of Summer is nigh

Slowly but surely the leaves on the trees are getting heavier, my massive Virginia Creeper is starting to get more bronze and red in many places and the wildlife is having a good time foraging around the Blackberries and other productive Autumnal fruits and berries.

The Squirrels are active gathering (stealing) the Hazelnuts for winter storage and a Tawny Owl is giving the Lane a friendly spookiness in the middle of the night
The Tawny is now the only mainline Owl I haven’t a photo of so I’ve been scouring the wood opposite in an attempt to see it. Alas, they’re extremley good at their elusiveness !

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