Little Owl


I read through a tweet by my good Birdwatcher friend Neil the whereabouts of a Little Owl south of Warehorne on the Romney Marshes.
As I had to pop down to the RSPB Shop at Dungeness I detoured around the Marshes and was lucky enough to get a good pose whilst the beautiful bird was sunning him or herself on a derelict Shed Roof.
I’ve seen three now, the other times at Hook-With-Warsash and the regular resident at Scotney Farm near Lydd.

Heron landing on riverbank
A Heron landing in one of the Dykes in the Romney Marshes

The beauty of bleak at Dungeness

Old Lighthouse at Dungeness with Cormorants

Being in a bit of a rush (or panic!!) to get my Christmas shopping done and dusted I didn’t have much time at the Reserve, just a pop along to Firth Hide and the ARC.
Burrowes from Firth was pretty much iced over with just a huge amount of Cormorants in their usual position on a small Island and in the trees to the west, a number of Shelduck and an assortment of Gulls.

The ARC was pretty quiet although, according to another Birdwatcher in the Hide, I’d just missed the Kingfisher !
I also spotted a Bittern landing in the Reeds opposite, but not spotted quick enough to get a photo.
I don’t have a problem with missing things, I go on the ‘if they’re there they’re there’ and ‘right place, right time’.
However, as always, the bleakness of Dungeness is always special

Tree Sparrows on Feeder

Saying all that, there was much activity by Tree Sparrows at Boulderwall Farm. With numbers continuously dropping, it’s good to see them there – and being well fed to boot !

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