I was supposed to be in Scotland this week but on my first day there, due to a medical situation treated at the excellent Fort William Hospital, had to return back to Ashford to set about some tests.
After three days of going to various places I was getting the shakes from not going out and decided that today was a day to get lost and be alone with nature.
A good day it proved to be.

Little Owl at Scotney near Lydd
The Little Owl keeping an eye on me!

My first point of call was Scotney Farm, set back from Jury’s Gap, the road between Lydd and Camber Sands.
A pleasant walk at a very slow pace brought about a sighting of the now quite well known Little Owl tucked high up in a Barn forever peering down to see what’s what and who’s who.

The fields to the North produced a view of an Avocet having conflict with a Crow and quite a few Yellow Wagtails flitting around amongst the barren shrubbery and Grasses.

White Wagtail at Scotney near Lydd Swallow in flight at Dungeness Avocet and Crow fighting
White Wagtail – Swallow – Avocet and Crow

Just to cap things off a White Wagtail suddenly popped down to another Barn Roof and went about picking and choosing from the moss etc. which was growing on it.

After that I popped down to the ARC at RSPB Dungeness.

Yellow Wagtail at Scotney near Lydd
The Yellow Wagtail

Although a relatively calm day with the sun shining brightly I looked forward to seeing quite a bit of bird life, but as always, it never seems to follow your logic, nothing much about at all and the only half decent shot I got was that of a Swallow passing over the View Point on the ARC.

But the day did for me what I wanted it to, a day to take my mind of things and focus on just being out there.

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