A rather dull overcast day but worth a drive down to Dungeness as I was particularly keen to get a photograph of a Marsh Harrier, it didn’t disappoint.

Close up of Marsh Harrier
Getting up close to the Marsh Harrier

I parked the Car at the ARC and walked from there along to the viewpoint close to Denge Marsh. It was one of those day where I thought luck would not be on my side, nothing mush else was about which surprised me.
Then out the blue I saw a Harrier flying more or less toward me and pretty low at that.
It’s always difficult with the faster birds and a telescopic lens, by the time you’ve hit the spot with focus, the bird has moved 100 feet further along, you get home only to find a blurred picture!

Marsh Harrier in Flight
In flight and cruising!

A quick look at the Beach and a Coffee in my Camper and I was away by midday.
As it was still quite early I thought I’d drive back along the Marsh Lanes between Lydd and Brenzett. I have to say I need to be a bit careful when I do this, most of the time it’s more or less single file and keeping one eye on anything moving beside you can be a distraction.

Kestrel on Telegraph Pole
The Kestrel

Again, nothing much seen except a fine looking Kestrel sitting on top of a Telegraph Pole who was quite condesending about having it’s photo taken from about 10 meters!

Not a diverse day, but an enjoyable one coming home with a photo or two I went there for.

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