Due to a heavy cold and an unwanted episode with my herniated disc, I got myself into action today for the first time in 2 weeks.
That’s to say, no further than a 50 meter distance of my Garden, but it was nice to get outdoors, brush the dust off both myself and the Camera and look to see what’s going on.

Blue Tit on top of feeders
This Blue Tit has certainly taken a liking to my Carved Cat on top of the Feeders. Good job it’s not a real Cat!!

Around the Garden Bird Feeders were the usual visitors; Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Great Tits, Robins, loads of Blackbirds, House Sparrows Starlings and Dunnocks with the occasional visit of the Great Spotted Woodpecker, Long Tailed Tits, Goldfinches and the ever watching Collared Doves.
One surprise of the Winter thus far is the lack of the ‘Shoplifter’ Squirrels, because not much has been cut back here and abouts, they appear to have ample natural food sources.
I have no doubt I’ve given it the kiss of death and they’ll be all over the place tomorrow! There’s enough of them to break the Bank!

Squirrel with Walnut
One Squirrel running off with a Walnut from the tree over the Lane

For some reason ‘Daphne’ our visiting Fox is coming in the middle of the night nowadays, up to a few weeks ago it was before dark, often early afternoon and sitting patiently for Luncheon to be served.
In the early hours about 10 days ago I heard foxes fighting in the front garden and noticed the following day she had a limp. Having been away for a while I’m yet to pick her up on the Camera to see if she’s OK now. If not I’ll contact the RSPCA and see if they can do anything.

Goldfinch flying on to branch
A lucky photo of a Goldfinch coming in to perch

Other than the above, life is pretty much the same, but at the back of my mind is it’s now only a matter of weeks before the action starts taking place, then Spring will be upon us and it all starts all over again.

Would we have it any other way !

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