I had intended to go to Reculver near Margate and Herne Bay today but with the hottest day of the year forecast changed my mid and went to Samphire Hoe again expecting it to be slightly shaded and with a bit of breeze……….wrong !! It was boiling!

Without a doubt though, the highlight for me was spotting the beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly sitting on top of some Ragwort. The combination of yellow and a sunny day made it even more special. What beautiful creatures they are!

Painted Lady Butterfly

After giving up on sitting on a sun soaked beach I walked along to the northern end of the Hoe and at least found a couple of Rocks to shelter under. This gave me an excellent view of both Sand and House Martins nesting in the Cliffs. Very deceiving, you think you’re watching a bird but it’s actually their shadow casting on to the white. It took quite a time to actually spot one in the right place!

Rock Pipit feeding On the beach at Samphire Hoe House Martin nesting in Cliff
Rock Pipit – A quiet English Channel – House Martin leaving Nest

On my way back to the Car Park there was much activity going on by the Rock Pipits, all busy grabbing their lunch and mid afternoon snacks.
The sea was actually blue, you could just about pick out the hills south of Calais some 22 miles away and as calm as a Mill Pond. If you were going on the Ferry, good choice of day.

Cormorant Royal Military Canal

In search of some shade before going home I ventured down to the Royal Military Canal at West Hythe. Much noise, especially the Green Woodpeckers laughing away but little seen because of the heavy leaf on trees.

However, I was lucky enough to watch a Cormorant drifting along. I’ve never seen one floating before, usually they’re in their pre-historic poses at Dungeness, other coastal places and occasionally next to the Great Stour a few hundred yards over the field from me.

A good day, too hot, but us Pensioners are never happy are we !

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